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Become a member of the Eastern Surf Kayaking Association

How can I join?

ESKA membership registration can be completed through our custom registration form on the website.

For those who wish an alternate, non-internet based registration option, please email us or call 803.238.0432

Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone.

How much are ESKA yearly dues?

$25.00 US ( charges a small additional processing fee, of which the ESKA pays half)

Why should I become a member of the ESKA?

ESKA membership is required to receive an ESKA ranking based on your results at sanctioned east coast events. ESKA rankings help to determine the US East Surf Kayak Team selection, and is required for anyone wishing to compete at the US East Team Trials. Rankings are also used for seeding purposes at ESKA events.

What do I get for being an ESKA member?

As an ESKA member, you will receive a membership card, membership number, and two ESKA membership stickers for your boat, car, etc.

How does the ESKA use my membership dues?

The ESKA is a non-profit organization that relies on membership dues for yearly operations.
ESKA dues fund contests, help secure judges, buy contest equipment, and more. Dues are also used to pay for web hosting fees, and other organizational needs, as well as to promote the sport of surf kayaking through workshops and other events.

How long are my dues good for?

Your membership dues are good for one year from the date of registration. You will be reminded when your dues are set to expire.

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