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2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking – Final Results

The ESKA 2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking and Battle 4 Hatteras ran smoothly, with fantastic waves, nice weather and good friends surfing with one another. Some people won and some lost, but everyone had a good attitude about it. Below you will find a journal of the weekend’s events as well as the competition results. We look forward to seeing everyone this time next year, same location, for the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking.

Dawn at the Outer Banks

The rising sun peeks over sand dunes, sea oats and through a gap between beachfront homes.

2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking: Event Scene on Finals Day

Urko Otxoa flies off the lip in the Short Boat Quarter Finals

Joey Hall drops in during Short Boat Quarter Finals

Garazi Iturralde drops under a heavy lip during Womens Short Boat Finals

Spencer Cooke drops in during Short Boat Semi Finals

England's Mark Woolward hops out after an intense Semi-Final in Short Boat

Xabi Olano drives off the lip in the Short Boat Finals

Anthony Bell and Edu Exteberria come in after a very heated Short Boat Finals

Thanks to our very committed judges. Top notch job!

Andy Gates & Joey Hall set up trophies for the award ceremony.

Pretty Maids all in a row. As you may notice in all the award ceremony photos, the ESKA has taken strides to be an environmentally conscious organization by recycling old trophies. They're more fun than new ones anyway...


Best Wave of the event award went to Garazi Iturralde from Basque Country.

Worst Crash award went to Buck Johnson who broke his big toe by accidentally kicking a rock on the beach.  No photo available.  He limped up to the award stand to receive his trophy.

BATTLE 4 HATTERAS AWARDS – Click HERE to learn about this event.

Battle 4 Hatteras - 4th Place Team "Low Tech"; Ted Morris (wave ski), Andy Gates (long boat), Tom May (short boat)

Battle 4 Hatteras - 3rd Place Team "Whack Wing"; Buck Johnson (long boat), Mark Woolward (short boat), Charles Salters (wave ski)

Joey Hall shows off the Murky Water fins that were given as prizes for the 2nd and 1st placing teams in the Battle 4 Hatteras event. Huge thanks to Ed and Mariola from Murky Water Paddling Supply - What a valuable prize for surfers!

Battle 4 Hatteras - 2nd Place Team, "RSX;" Russ Buskirk (long boat), Matt Radis (short boat), Steve Riordan (wave ski)

Battle 4 Hatteras - 1st Place Team, "The Death Eaters;" Gordon Rock (wave ski), Anthony Bell (short boat), Spencer Cooke (long boat), these guys will be the keepers of the lighthouse until the next B4H event!


Grand Masters Long Boat - 1st Buck Johnson (US National Champion), 2nd John Tarbell, 3rd Matty Kinsella, 4th Kris Whitmore

Matty Kinsella has been surf kayaking (also competing) for almost 30 years. He admitted that his relic, Perception Sabre just doesn't hold its own anymore with all the new boat designs. Very nice fella to meet.

Masters Long Boat - 1st Charles Salters (US National Champion), 2nd Buck Johnson, 3rd John Tarbell

Womens Long Boat - 1st Lindsay Usher (US National Champion), 2nd Kris Whitmore

Wave Ski - 1st Steve Riordan, 2nd Gordon Rock, 3rd Mark Pastic, 4th Ted Morris - Thanks to Island Wave Ski for giving three $200 gift certificates for our winners.

Ted Morris is from Canada and he's serious about it.

Grand Masters Short Boat - 1st Tom May (US National Champion), 2nd Ted Morris, 3rd Russ Buskirk, 4th Kevin Hughes

Womens Short Boat - 1st Garazi Iturralde, 2nd Ainhoa Tolosa, 3rd (US National Champion) Kris Whitmore

Masters Short Boat - 1st (US National Champion) Matt Radis, 2nd Mark Woolward, 3rd Charles Salters, 4th Tom May

Mens Long Boat - 1st (US National Champion) Anthony Bell, 2nd Spencer Cooke, 3rd John Tarbell, 4th Charles Salters

Mens Short Boat - 1st Edu Exteberria, 2nd Urko Otxoa, 3rd Xabi Olano, 4th (US National Champion) Anthony Bell

Julen Arriz was the only Junior paddler in attendance at the event, though he competed in the Men's events and advanced to Semi-Finals. Expect some very competitive surfing from this 17-year-old in the near future! He's already very talented and he surfs with Edu and Urko regularly - a recipe for great surfing.

The Basque Team: An incredible bunch of athletes, nice folks and great sports.

Thanks to everyone for coming.  It turned out that our Nationals was an International event instead, with competitors from the East and West Coasts of the US, Canada, Spain and England.  Thanks to our excellent judges, event sponsors, volunteers, families and friends.   Please support us again and come see us next year when we host the World Championships at the Outer Banks.  We’ll leave you with a video that tells a bit more about the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking.

2010 Nationals at OBX – Battle for Hatteras results. Prelims begin tomorrow.

The judges... judging.

Mark Woolward from England brings it all the way to the beach after battling it out against Anthony Bell. Mark had some smoking fast rides and explosive moves today.

Class is in session. Ed Skrzypkowski of Murky Water Paddling Supply talks composites while everyone listens. Ed & Mariola drove all the way from Ontario for the Nationals.

The swell grew consistently all day and a dropping tide made for some steep faces. Andy Gates runs a nice right in the long boat class.

Spencer Cooke charges left in the long boat.

Gordon Rock had some impessive rides in the Wave Ski Class.

Tom May of Florida is a wise old surf ninja. He absolutely smoked it in the finals of the HP class. Here he is bottom turning a screaming left while another paddler passes over top of the wave.

At the end of the day it was "The Death Eaters," Anthony Bell, Gordon Rock and Spencer Cooke, who took the 2010 BATTLE FOR HATTERAS title. 1st place prize is a set of Murky Water fins for each of the three guys.

The inaugural Battle For Hatteras event proved to be really fun for all involved.  The ESKA was pleased to successfully run a team formatted event as sort of a test before next year’s World Championships here at Cape Hatteras NC.

Come back to the next couple days as the 2011 National Championships of Surf Kayaking unfolds.  Competitors have come from the Northeast, Southeast, Canada, Spain, England, California and more.  We didn’t expect quite the international contingency, but with the Wolrds coming up next year some competitors wanted to come check things out ahead of time.

Preliminary rounds begin tomorrow, Oct 9th at 8:00AM.

2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking – IRON WAVE event

Cape Hatteras is a highly recommended stop while visiting the OBX. However, the Prison Work Farm visit not as highly recommended.

The view of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from Hwy 12 is always a warm, welcoming sight.

ESKA President, Joey Hall, looks on as the IRON WAVE contest gives a laid back and fun start to the 2010 Nationals.

World Champ, Urko, from Basque Country drops in on a clean wave near the sea groyne at the Lighthouse Break.

Buck form California heads down the line with offshore winds in his face.

Xabi from Basque Country launches off the lip of a pitchy wave.

Basque paddler, Edu, heads to the lip for a flashy moves.

After battling through several contested heats, Urko Otoxa walked away with first place and a beautiful IRON WAVE trophy.

Closer look at a major award.

2010 US National Surf Kayaking Championships and Island Waveski/Murky Water Battle for Hatteras Competitor Info:

Hello US National Surf Kayaking Championship entrants.

I am excited about the upcoming event this week and weekend, I hope all of you are as well .  It looks like we have a good chance for swell, we’ve got great judges lined up, we’ll be using locations that will be used in the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking, and we’ll no doubt have a great opportunity to enjoy some surf kayaking fellowship in one of our favorite surf kayak destinations.  In this email I will detail most aspects of the event, so please read carefully.

First of all, we are being given the opportunity to use the wonderful Hatteras National Seashore park to host this year’s Nationals event.  Thank you to the Parks Service for accommodating us.  We will be using two main breaks for the weekend.   Anthony Bell and Gordon Rock met with the Park Service today and in addition to us being allowed to use the “Old Lighthouse” location, we will also have the option to use “Frisco Bathhouse” break about ten minutes from the Lighthouse.

When using the Old Lighthouse location, we’ve been asked to drop our gear off at the break, but park our vehicles in the large parking lot to the right of the site.  We will have some folks on site to help direct you where to park.  Please adhere to this request, as we want to make a good impression (this is, after all, where the 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held!)  If we decide to use the Frisco Bathhouse break, parking is limited, so please carpool down there, it gets crowded when there are over 12 or so cars there.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Preliminary Meeting for those who have already arrived
We will meet Wednesday night at 6:30 PM at the Old Lighthouse site parking lot to discuss the details for events on thursday and friday.  Look for the congregation of boats!  Many people are arriving later in the week, so this meeting is not mandatory.

THURSDAY: Open Practice/Expression Session/Big Trick Contest
We will be using thursday to host some sort of expression session/big trick/best wave event, as well as open practice.  A great chance to have some fun at the event site and try out the break. More details will be announced later on the format of thursday’s events, but they will be optional and open to all competitors.

FRIDAY: Island Waveski and Murky Water present The Battle For Hatteras 8am-7pm – Old Lighthouse OR Frisco Bathhouse break
Friday we will run the entire Battle for Hatteras event that was postponed from 2008.  This event will feature teams of three people: 1 waveski, 1 HP kayaker, 1 IC kayaker, facing off against other teams to determine the champion of the Lighthouse.  Extra points will be given for including a woman competitor or junior on your team.  If you are planning on competing in the Battle for Hatteras, I need to know by WEDNESDAY.  There are some additional people who need spots on a team, so if you are looking for more team members, or you would like to join a team, let me know and I’ll help you get hooked up.  I know there is a need for more waveskis, so if anyone has an additional ski they can bring, please do.  Those teams that have already paid for their team entry (from the postponed 2008 event) you will NOT have to pay any additional fees.  Those teams that have not already paid for a team entry, there will be an additional fee.  Contact me for further details.  There will be lots of 2 person head to head heats, so this should be a fun and intense event, with the opportunity to show off your skills.  Teams are REQUIRED to bring a flag of some sort, and team spirit is fully encouraged.  Even if you are not planning to compete, it should be fun to watch.  The winning team will get three $200 gift certificates (not to be combined) from Island Waveski, three sets of Murky Water Flex Fins designed by Vince Shay, and other fabulous prizes, in addition to the giant Lighthouse trophy on which their names will be engraved for all time.  Bragging rights indeed.  There are additional trophies for the 4 top placing teams.  Again if you are planning on competing in the Battle for Hatteras, I need to know your team name, team members, and who is surfing in what position by Wednesday.  We will plan on starting at 8am and surfing until we are done with the B4H event.  We will monitor the surf and make all efforts to determine the location for the day’s activities by 7:00am.

FRIDAY NIGHT: 7:30pm – Parking Lot of the Croatoan Inn – Competitor’s Meeting
We will have a quick meeting for anyone arriving on Friday to discuss and update the plans for Saturday’s competition.  This will not be mandatory, but if you cannot make this meeting, be ready to surf at 8am on Saturday morning.  The Croatoan Inn is on the main road, near the entrance to the National Seashore Lighthouse site.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: ESKA presents the US National Surf Kayaking Championships 8am-7pm – Old Lighthouse OR Frisco Bathhouse break
The main event will occur all day on saturday and sunday.  We will determine the location for each day’s events by 7:30am each morning and plan to be on the water by 8am.  As is normally the case, we will begin with the Grand Master’s IC class each day (because we all know old folks are used to getting up early to get the early bird special at their favorite breakfast place).  We reserve the right to surf until 7pm on Sat and Sun, so be prepared for that.  If we can finish earlier each day we will.  All National Championship classes will run on these two days.  Look for the schedule of heats to be posted each morning, and be aware that the schedule may change due to surf conditions, judges breaks, emergencies, etc.  Keep checking the event board all day to stay abreast of the schedule.

SATURDAY EVENING: ESKA Cookout at the Croatoan Inn – approx 1 hour after the last heat of the day.
We will be grilling out at the Croatoan Inn on Saturday evening.  All competitors are invited.  The ESKA will provide some burgers, plates, buns, condiments, chips, and charcoal for everyone.  If you’d like to bring something fancier or more exciting to throw on the grill, feel free.  There are some local fish markets that you can grab some good seafood for grilling.  I’ll need a few people to volunteer to help cook.  Please let me know if you are willing to help out.  This will be a good chance for us all to get together and talk trash about the day’s events, share stories and lies, and get to know each other better (though I know most of you far too well already)

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Awards Giving (30 minutes after the last heat) – CroatoanInn Pool
We will give out awards for the entire event by the pool at the Croatoan Inn on Sunday afternoon.  Be there or miss out!  (You will likely wind up in the pool so dress accordingly)

The theme for the entire event will be good sportsmanship and camaraderie.  We have top competitors from California, the UK, Basque, and all over the east Coast that will be attending this year’s US National Championships.  I hope those of you who have been to many events will welcome all of the competitors who have less experience.  I hope some of you who have not competed internationally will take the chance to meet some of the international competitors attending this event.  Events like this are a great opportunity to share information and learn from each other.  Most of all I’m personally looking forward to surfing with you all again.

We have Will Brooks and James Shelton serving as our head judges.  James has many years experience as an ESKA head judge, and Will has served as judge and head judge for three World Championships of Surf Kayaking events.  They are bringing an experienced panel of board surfing judges to give you top notch judging for the entirety of the US Nationals event.  Many of these judges will also be serving on the judges panel for the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking that will take place in OBX in the fall of 2011.

The weekend will be a little cooler than normal for this time of year, so pack accordingly for the water and standing on the beach.  Highs will be in the 70s, but we are forcasted to have sunshine throughout the latter half of the week.

I will be sending a second email out tomorrow with general rules and some other bits of info including some safety concerns.  I am staying at the Croatoan Inn.  My car is a black honda element with a gold Smith Optics sticker on the back.  Feel free to call me or text at 803.238.0432 or email me at with any questions.

As with any surf kayaking event, everything is subject to change based on surf conditions, weather, or other factors.  When and if things are changing, we will do everything we can to notify you of those changes, but stay alert, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

If you are unaware of where the “Old Lighthouse Site” is, it is easy to find once you reach Buxton, NC. and any of the locals can point you in the right direction.  Here is a google maps link.
The Frisco location we may also be using is further south, and we can provide more detailed directions during one of our meetings this week.

Two more things: Any official announcements of where we will be surfing, or of any additional meetings, will be posted on the side of the Port-o-lets at the Old Lighthouse site!  If you get lost/confused/don’t know where to go, look for information there!  Also I need to get a signed ACA waiver from every competitor.  You MUST sign the waiver before competition, so make sure to find me if you do not make it to one of the competitor meetings before hand.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
Joey Hall

Poster for the 2010 US National Surf Kayaking Championships

Designed by Clave4e of

Registration for 2010 US Nationals at OBX

The registration is up for the 2010 US Surf Kayak National Championships

First class is $55, each additional class will be $30. Register for one class, then you will have the option to register for another, you will be discounted for each additional class.

This registration form is for the National Championships portion of our 4 day Oct 7-10 event. The Men, Women, and Junior HP classes will also be counted towards World Cup points.

US East paddlers will also gain credit towards US East team trials and team selection.

The junior entry fee is only 20 dollars, to encourage their participation.

We are offering a waveski class for anyone interested using the same judges and criteria.

Active registration for Nationals is here:

If you are interested in participating in the Battle for Hatteras Event on Oct 7 and 8, please email me directly as I’ll be handling those registrations separately. Rules for B4H are here and if you already paid for an entry to the 2008 event that was canceled, that entry is still good.

If anything on the Active registration is not working correctly, please contact me immediately, I tested it but there’s always a chance a setting is incorrect.

deadmanprd AT gmail DOT com

World Championships Website for US East, OBX 2011

October 2011, the World Championships of Surf Kayaking is to be held at the Outer Banks of NC. for more info.

Oct 7-10: US Surf Kayak Nationals, World Cup Qual., and Battle for Hatteras

Hi all,
I’ll have the registration info posted soon with more stuff about where to stay, etc sometime this weekend.

We’ll be holding the event in the Buxton/Hatteras area (the Lighthouse/Frisco), as we did last time it was on the East coast.

Oct 7-8 will be the Battle for Hatteras portion of the event. For those who do not know, the Battle for Hatteras is a 3 on 3 team event featuring a Wave Ski, an IC boat, and a short boat. You can form a team however you’d like, but there are bonuses for including juniors and women. If you need help forming a team, please contact us.  We will limit entry to 8 three person teams.  For full rules check the old B4H site

The Battle for Hatteras is optional, and anyone may enter a team.

The US National Surf Kayak Championships will take place at the same contest site on Oct 9-10. You do NOT have to have participated in the B4H event to enter the Nationals. We will be crowning National Champions in short and long boat divisions for men, women, juniors, and masters. We will also offer a separate waveski class if there is interest.

The short boat divisions will also be counted as World Cup qualifiers.

ANYONE MAY COMPETE IN THE US NATIONALS. You do not have to be an American, though we will be crowning the US Champs out of the top placing American competitors.

Anyone flying in should consider flying to Newport News, Virginia Beach, or Raleigh Durham Intl Airports. Contact me for more info and I’ll help you get where you need to go.

Email your questions to deadmanprd AT gmail DOT com

I’ve heard rumor that Marc Woolward and Buck Johnson are flying in, I urge everyone else to attend as well so I can find an excuse not to have to hang out with them.

I’ll post a link to more info in a few days.


Eastern Surf Kayaking Association

On Shore Surf Shop Battle of the Blades this weekend, March 27-28, new info

From Gordon Rock:
Surf City, NC 8:00 A.M. Broadway street access. Lots of good swag from C4, Toes on the Nose, East Coast Sports, XM leashes, Island real estate (something about a weekend in a condo!)and Hyperflex wetsuits.
We’ve got a low moving in friday which will build the surf overnight, leaving Saturday Clear and Sunny, Cool in the morning (40 ish, warming up to the mid sixties), with what as of now appears to be bumpy wait-chest surf. Of course that is only the prediction as of now and can and probably will change. Water temp is 53. I went out Monday; no hood, no gloves.
Hope to see everyone at Flamin Amy’s on Friday night 7:00 for registration/competitor’s meeting/t-shirt pick up.

A link to registration can be found at

See you there!

Reminder, Battle of the Blades event March 27 and 28

The Battle of the Blades will be held on March 27th, with a possible second day on the 28th, in Topsail Island, Surf City NC.

The Battle of the Blades at Topsail Island, NC will be held March 27th (with additional day March 28th).  Below is the entry link.  One entry fee of 45 dollars and you can select as many classes as you like (provided you meet the age and gender requirements ;) )  Again we are including SUPers and there will be a waveski/SOT class as well.

This event will count as a team trial qualifyer.