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2011 U.S. East Surf Kayak Team Trials hosted by Sea Kayak Carolina

The ESKA is pleased to announce team trials for the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking. The event will be held the weekend of September 10th, 2011 at Washout, a popular surf break at Folly Beach.

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Sea Kayak Carolina (SKC) offers daily, custom, and adventure kayaking tours as well as on the water and indoor roll classes. SKC is the premier sea kayak store in South Carolina, which carries everything you’ll need. Sea Kayak Carolina’s instructional staff enjoys working with paddlers of all levels.

The 8 categories that will count towards team trials are as follows: men’s long and short, women’s long and short, junior’s long and short, and master’s long and short. There will also be two fun categories: sea kayak and sit on top. (will not count towards team qualification) The event will be $50 dollars for the first 2 categories and $5 dollars for each additional category. Everyone is invited to compete in the event but must be registered as an ESKA member. Team slots will be reserved for ESKA surf kayakers.

Early registration will take place until August 27th.   Entry fees will be adjusted for late registration beginning on August27th. Entry fee refunds are not available after September 4th, and registration will fully close on September 4th.

The rules for the eligibility of classes are the same as the WSKA rules.

The event will consist of two separate competitions, one on Saturday, Sept 10, and one on Sunday, Sept 11. The two will be averaged for the final results.

Competition seating is determined based on prior ESKA sanctioned events. Sunday’s competition will be using Saturday’s results to seat the competition.

The top ranking man from the ESKA competition circuit will automatically be awarded the 1st slot of 4 in the men’s long and short team positions. The remaining 3 in each category will be awarded to the top 3 placed men.

There are also 2 women’s long boat and short boat slots, 1 junior’s long boat and short boat slot, and 1 master’s long boat and short boat slot available.

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