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2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking – Final Results

The ESKA 2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking and Battle 4 Hatteras ran smoothly, with fantastic waves, nice weather and good friends surfing with one another. Some people won and some lost, but everyone had a good attitude about it. Below you will find a journal of the weekend’s events as well as the competition results. We look forward to seeing everyone this time next year, same location, for the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking.

Dawn at the Outer Banks

The rising sun peeks over sand dunes, sea oats and through a gap between beachfront homes.

2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking: Event Scene on Finals Day

Urko Otxoa flies off the lip in the Short Boat Quarter Finals

Joey Hall drops in during Short Boat Quarter Finals

Garazi Iturralde drops under a heavy lip during Womens Short Boat Finals

Spencer Cooke drops in during Short Boat Semi Finals

England's Mark Woolward hops out after an intense Semi-Final in Short Boat

Xabi Olano drives off the lip in the Short Boat Finals

Anthony Bell and Edu Exteberria come in after a very heated Short Boat Finals

Thanks to our very committed judges. Top notch job!

Andy Gates & Joey Hall set up trophies for the award ceremony.

Pretty Maids all in a row. As you may notice in all the award ceremony photos, the ESKA has taken strides to be an environmentally conscious organization by recycling old trophies. They're more fun than new ones anyway...


Best Wave of the event award went to Garazi Iturralde from Basque Country.

Worst Crash award went to Buck Johnson who broke his big toe by accidentally kicking a rock on the beach.  No photo available.  He limped up to the award stand to receive his trophy.

BATTLE 4 HATTERAS AWARDS – Click HERE to learn about this event.

Battle 4 Hatteras - 4th Place Team "Low Tech"; Ted Morris (wave ski), Andy Gates (long boat), Tom May (short boat)

Battle 4 Hatteras - 3rd Place Team "Whack Wing"; Buck Johnson (long boat), Mark Woolward (short boat), Charles Salters (wave ski)

Joey Hall shows off the Murky Water fins that were given as prizes for the 2nd and 1st placing teams in the Battle 4 Hatteras event. Huge thanks to Ed and Mariola from Murky Water Paddling Supply - What a valuable prize for surfers!

Battle 4 Hatteras - 2nd Place Team, "RSX;" Russ Buskirk (long boat), Matt Radis (short boat), Steve Riordan (wave ski)

Battle 4 Hatteras - 1st Place Team, "The Death Eaters;" Gordon Rock (wave ski), Anthony Bell (short boat), Spencer Cooke (long boat), these guys will be the keepers of the lighthouse until the next B4H event!


Grand Masters Long Boat - 1st Buck Johnson (US National Champion), 2nd John Tarbell, 3rd Matty Kinsella, 4th Kris Whitmore

Matty Kinsella has been surf kayaking (also competing) for almost 30 years. He admitted that his relic, Perception Sabre just doesn't hold its own anymore with all the new boat designs. Very nice fella to meet.

Masters Long Boat - 1st Charles Salters (US National Champion), 2nd Buck Johnson, 3rd John Tarbell

Womens Long Boat - 1st Lindsay Usher (US National Champion), 2nd Kris Whitmore

Wave Ski - 1st Steve Riordan, 2nd Gordon Rock, 3rd Mark Pastic, 4th Ted Morris - Thanks to Island Wave Ski for giving three $200 gift certificates for our winners.

Ted Morris is from Canada and he's serious about it.

Grand Masters Short Boat - 1st Tom May (US National Champion), 2nd Ted Morris, 3rd Russ Buskirk, 4th Kevin Hughes

Womens Short Boat - 1st Garazi Iturralde, 2nd Ainhoa Tolosa, 3rd (US National Champion) Kris Whitmore

Masters Short Boat - 1st (US National Champion) Matt Radis, 2nd Mark Woolward, 3rd Charles Salters, 4th Tom May

Mens Long Boat - 1st (US National Champion) Anthony Bell, 2nd Spencer Cooke, 3rd John Tarbell, 4th Charles Salters

Mens Short Boat - 1st Edu Exteberria, 2nd Urko Otxoa, 3rd Xabi Olano, 4th (US National Champion) Anthony Bell

Julen Arriz was the only Junior paddler in attendance at the event, though he competed in the Men's events and advanced to Semi-Finals. Expect some very competitive surfing from this 17-year-old in the near future! He's already very talented and he surfs with Edu and Urko regularly - a recipe for great surfing.

The Basque Team: An incredible bunch of athletes, nice folks and great sports.

Thanks to everyone for coming.  It turned out that our Nationals was an International event instead, with competitors from the East and West Coasts of the US, Canada, Spain and England.  Thanks to our excellent judges, event sponsors, volunteers, families and friends.   Please support us again and come see us next year when we host the World Championships at the Outer Banks.  We’ll leave you with a video that tells a bit more about the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking.

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