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August, 2010:

Registration for 2010 US Nationals at OBX

The registration is up for the 2010 US Surf Kayak National Championships

First class is $55, each additional class will be $30. Register for one class, then you will have the option to register for another, you will be discounted for each additional class.

This registration form is for the National Championships portion of our 4 day Oct 7-10 event. The Men, Women, and Junior HP classes will also be counted towards World Cup points.

US East paddlers will also gain credit towards US East team trials and team selection.

The junior entry fee is only 20 dollars, to encourage their participation.

We are offering a waveski class for anyone interested using the same judges and criteria.

Active registration for Nationals is here:

If you are interested in participating in the Battle for Hatteras Event on Oct 7 and 8, please email me directly as I’ll be handling those registrations separately. Rules for B4H are here and if you already paid for an entry to the 2008 event that was canceled, that entry is still good.

If anything on the Active registration is not working correctly, please contact me immediately, I tested it but there’s always a chance a setting is incorrect.

deadmanprd AT gmail DOT com

World Championships Website for US East, OBX 2011

October 2011, the World Championships of Surf Kayaking is to be held at the Outer Banks of NC. for more info.

Oct 7-10: US Surf Kayak Nationals, World Cup Qual., and Battle for Hatteras

Hi all,
I’ll have the registration info posted soon with more stuff about where to stay, etc sometime this weekend.

We’ll be holding the event in the Buxton/Hatteras area (the Lighthouse/Frisco), as we did last time it was on the East coast.

Oct 7-8 will be the Battle for Hatteras portion of the event. For those who do not know, the Battle for Hatteras is a 3 on 3 team event featuring a Wave Ski, an IC boat, and a short boat. You can form a team however you’d like, but there are bonuses for including juniors and women. If you need help forming a team, please contact us.  We will limit entry to 8 three person teams.  For full rules check the old B4H site

The Battle for Hatteras is optional, and anyone may enter a team.

The US National Surf Kayak Championships will take place at the same contest site on Oct 9-10. You do NOT have to have participated in the B4H event to enter the Nationals. We will be crowning National Champions in short and long boat divisions for men, women, juniors, and masters. We will also offer a separate waveski class if there is interest.

The short boat divisions will also be counted as World Cup qualifiers.

ANYONE MAY COMPETE IN THE US NATIONALS. You do not have to be an American, though we will be crowning the US Champs out of the top placing American competitors.

Anyone flying in should consider flying to Newport News, Virginia Beach, or Raleigh Durham Intl Airports. Contact me for more info and I’ll help you get where you need to go.

Email your questions to deadmanprd AT gmail DOT com

I’ve heard rumor that Marc Woolward and Buck Johnson are flying in, I urge everyone else to attend as well so I can find an excuse not to have to hang out with them.

I’ll post a link to more info in a few days.


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