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Folly Beach Surf Comp Report

There were waves this year for the Folly Beach surf kayak competition, and the competitors had a great time.
Deb Mitchum won herself a brand new Mega Kayak courtesy of Mega and Savannah Canoe & Kayak! (photos by N. Law)

Congratulations to Nigel Law for his first win in the Mens HP division, and congrats to all the new competitors who attended the event.

As always, thank you to Charleston County Parks and Rec and Wendy Wicke for hosting the event, and to Nigel Law for providing assistance and sponsorship.

Here are  some results:

HP Expert Men:

1st:  Nigel Law

2nd: Colm Acuff

3rd: Brent Fields

HP Expert Women:

1st: Cathy Ey

2nd: Deb Mitchum

HP Jr’s.:

1st: Will Rudisill

Open (Co-Ed):

1st: Nick Scoville

2nd: Colm Acuff

3rd: Ben Stone

HP Masters

1st: Nigel Law

2nd: Brent Fields

3rd: Cathy Ey

K-1 Beg/Int

1st: Zachary Hughes

2nd: Nigel Law

3rd: Kevin Hughes

IC Masters:

1st: Brent Fields

2nd: Deb Mitchum

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