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ESKA News: ESKA News: OBX a no-go, but the Tsunami Smash will be a World Cup Qualifyer

ESKA News: OBX a no-go, but the Tsunami Smash will be a World Cup Qualifyer

Unfortunately the waves didn't cooperate at last weekends OBX event in Kill Devil Hills. This is the first time in 10 years that an OBX contest has been cancelled due to lack of waves, out of 15 or so contests we've had over the past decade, thats not bad odds.

Sorry to those who drove a long way for the event. We always like seeing Tom May from Florida, and Robert Fisher came down from all the way up in Mass. to compete in his first surf kayak contest. Hopefully they'll make it to another event soon.

Thank you to Doug Banjak and Kitty Hawk Kites for hosting the event, we're going to try to make it up possibly in the fall.

In other news, the Tsunami Smash in Topsail Island NC has been selected to be the US East World Cup Qualifyer.

We had planned on doing a World Cup event later in the summer, but it would have to be in August (at the latest, a poor time for surf) and after discussing with WC organizer Rusty Sage, we decided the best thing to do is to count the Tsunami Smash as the qualifyer for the east coast.

We hope several people will come out to compete for an invite to the World Cup finals! Those competing in the Men's, Women's, and Junior's High Performance classes will be eligible to qualify. Qualifying positions will be determined based on placement, number of competitors, and other factors.

Check out the info below for the Tsunami Smash, sponsored by Tsunami Waveski, organized by Gordon and Paula Rock on May 17th:

The Tsunami Smash!!!

Kayak and Waveski surfing competition

May 17, Surf City, NC, Broadway Street access 8:00 A.M.

An ESKA sanctioned event


HP: any decked craft under 9' that uses a spray skirt to keep water out of the boat

IC: 3 meter minimum displacement hull craft as defined by the world kayak surfing association

Waveski: High performance sit-on-top surf craft under 12 feet long, using a lap belt or thigh straps to keep the rider attached to the craft. (No age or gender divisions)

K1: plastic production kayak designed for use in the river (playboats etc…no age or gender divisions)

SOT: Plastic production (commonly available to the public) sit on top kayak

Beginner: Has been paddle surfing less than 1 year, SOT and plastic sit-in kayaks only, no waveskis

JR: under 18 years of age on contest day. Senior: over 18 and under 40 years of age on contest day

Master's: 40-49 years of age, Grand Masters 50 years of age or over.


Helmets, US Coast Guard approved PFDs, and signed assumption of risk waivers are required for all competitors.

FAQ: Can I use my plastic SOT in waveski? Yes. Waveski in Beginner? No

Can I use my IC boat in HP? No. HP boat in IC? No

Can I use my k1 boat in hp? yes.

Can I use my SOT or Waveski in HP? No.

I'm experienced in river kayaking but new to surfing, Can I enter as a beginner? Yes.

Organizer reserves the right to combine or cancel divisions with fewer than 3 entrants

Please check all categories that you wish to enter.

Women's IC___ Women's HP___ Jr.IC___ JR.HP___ Master's IC___ Master's HP ____

Senior men HP___ Senior men IC___ Grandmaster HP___ Grandmaster IC___ Beginner___ Waveski___ K1___ WIDE OPEN___

Please note that there is no SOT specific class, as we are leaving this category open to beginners

For those entering multiple categories, we will try to avoid Back to back heats, but make no guarantees.

Name__________________________ Address___________________________________

Telephone number___________________ E-mail address__________________________

Total number of categories entered____ Amount paid________________-

ACA #_________________________ Non ACA members please include an additional $5 for insurance

Contest fee is $30 per contestant, and $5 for each additional category, The wide Open Division is an additional $10 with all entry fees for this division going to the Wide Open division winner.

Make check or money order payable to Gordon Rock. 982 Hoover Rd. Hampstead, NC 28443

E-mail entries to

The Event permit is for the beach only, not the ocean. I can ask swimmers and other surfers to not enter the scoring zone, but will have no authority to enforce it. Please don't hit the tourists. Our ESA judges are very experienced, their decisions are final.

Competitors are encouraged, but not required to attend the competitor’s meeting at Flamin Amy’s Burrito Barn on the 4000 block of Oleander Dr. in Wilmington. May 16 at 7:00. Heats for the wave ski and Wide Open divisions will be randomly drawn here, the rest of the field will be announced on contest day

Further questions should be directed to Gordon Rock at 910-228-7625

: surf what you brung, any of the aforementioned craft. The entry fee for this category is an additional $10, with 100% payout from this category to the winner of this categoryRoadtoad22@charter.net Entries accepted up to May 12


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