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ESKA News: Wrightsville Beach Rally 2007 Results

Wrightsville Beach Rally 2007 Results

The ESKA crew sporting awesome hats donated by Salt Marsh Kayak Co.

Gordon and Paula Rock put on another great event this year, and even ordered up some waves.
The Wrightsville Beach Rally was once again held at Shell Island in Wrightsville Beach NC. We had some nice waist high clean waves with the occasional bigger set from time to time.
We had a full day of competition, running a complete "surf what you brung" competition after the main comp had finished.

Spencer Cooke and Russ Buskirk had the biggest days, taking home most of the top finishes.

A huge thank you to Gordon and Paula for doing a great job once again on event organization.

Here are the results:

1. Spencer Cooke
2. Joey Hall
3. Philip Aschilman
4. David C

Mens IC
1. Spencer Cooke
2. Anthony Bell
3.Joey Hall
4. Russ Buskirk

Mens HP
1. Russ Buskirk
2.Spencer Cooke
3.Gordon Rock
4. Joey Hall

Masters IC
1. Russ Buskirk
2.Charles Salters
3.Ross Fulcher
4. Pete Titus

Masters HP
1.Ross Flucher
2. Den Latham
3. Russ Buskirk
4.Pete Titus
5. Charles Salters

1.Anthony Bell
2.Philip Aschliman
3. Paula Rock
4. Charles Salters
5. Russ Buskirk

Senior Open - Co-ed
1. Ross Fulcher
2. Anthony Bell
3. Russ Buskirk
4. Gordon Rock

"Psycho" Pete Titus, picking up an award

The HP finalists


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