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ESKA News: Folly Beach contest 2006

Folly Beach contest 2006

On October 21st, Charleston County Parks and Rec held the 15th annual Folly Beach Surf Kayak Competition. This event is one of the most storied on the ESKA circuit, and we're always glad to head to Charleston for some fun in the sun.

The weather was beautiful for this years event, a little chilly in the morning, warming up nicely for the afternoon. The surf was small but consistent, and the heats featured a good mix of seasoned veterans and new competitors. A big thanks to Wendy Wicke, Josh Hall, and the rest of the CCPRC staff for putting on the contest.

The competition in the men's HP was fierce, as the results will surely impact the close circuit standings. Finals featured Geoff Kegley, Joey Hall, folly local Russ Buskirk, and Anthony Bell.
Anthony showed why he is the most winningest competitor in ESKA history by surfing to a solid win. He also came up big in the IC class, winning top honors there as well.

The Women's HP class was the biggest its been all season long, with 6 women battling for the title. In the end, current IC world champ Devon Barker, fresh from a long plane ride, won against some fine surfing by Allison Latham, Deb Mitchum, and Bridget Dohaney.
Devon followed Anthony's example and won the Women's IC class as well, and also won the Women's K-1, making it a clean sweep.
Congrats to new competitor Aimee Meyer for finishing 2nd in Women's K-1.

The Men's K-1 class, always a main attraction at Folly required contestants to get a little creative due to the small conditions. The final featured 3 whitewater boaters from Columbia, and a new competitor from Florida. Rick McGilvary was surfing well in his Riot Air. Andy Gates, who turned 18 on the day of the contest, threw down to finish 3rd. Mike Scarborough threw the biggest blunt of the competition to finish 2nd.

There were lots of new competitors in the intermediate classes, and we hope to see them at future contests.

Congrats to everyone and thanks to CCPRC

Here are some results and photos (Photos by C Hall):

Clean sweeper Devon Barker

Saluda Boyz?

Wendy Wicke presents Ross Fulcher a blue ribbon

Big winner Antnee Bell

Men IC:
1 Anthony Bell
2 Russ Buskirk
3 Joey Hall
4 Ross Fulcher

Men HP:
1 Antnee Bell
2 Geoff Kegley
3 Russ Buskirk
4 Joey Hall

Men K-1:
1 Joey Hall
2 Mike Scarborough
3 Andy Gates
4 R McGilvary

Women IC:
1 Devon Barker
2 Bridget Dohaney
3 Paula Rock
4 Deb Mitchum

Women HP:
1 Devon Barker
2 Bridget Dohaney
3 Deb Mitchum
4 Allison Latham

Women K-1
1 Devon Barker
2 Aimee Meyer
3 Deb Mitchum

Masters IC
1 Ross Fulcher
2 Russ Buskirk
3 Pete Titus

Masters HP
1 Ross Fulcher
2 Russ Buskirk
3 Pete Titus
4 Rick Dohaney

Int K-1
1 R McGilvary
2 M West
3 S Chase
4 M Elliot

Open Beg/Int
1 Gordon Rock
2 T Jackson
3 T Bridges


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