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ESKA News: Wrightsville Beach Rally 2006

Wrightsville Beach Rally 2006

Waves were small, but clean and ridable, with a waist high-er showing its face (ha ha) occasionally, but mostly knee to thigh. There was some top notch paddling going on, making the most of what was available. Scoring was close, some heats being decided by 1 point or less. The 1st ski heat went to 7 waves, and a men's hp semi heat went to 5 waves to find a winner! Weather was nothing but the best we could possibly ask for, sunny, warm but not hot, water temp: mid 70's. A good turnout, 26, without our usual k1 crew. Roy came up from Cocoa beach despite knowing the mediocre surf forecast, cool beans! His ski however paid the price of one crumpled nose during warmups, nothing a little duct tape can't fix though. I met a lot of cool people, and possibly recruited a couple more paddlesurfers! Good vibes all around more than made up for the lack of epic surf. Everyone who stuck around for the awards was treated to a pick-your-prize raffle, some seemed to have a hard time making a decision, but everyone present walked away with something, whether $250 towards a Murky waters kayak or just a burrito with a side of beans. My apologies to Russ, who's name somehow got left out of the hat, I'll make it up to'ya Fantum!
It takes a lot of people to make an event happen, so I thank everyone who showed for all of their support and encouragement, Joey for showing me the ropes on how to run an event, and my wife Paula for tabulating scores. Hold the phone; I was eliminated in the 1st round. HMMM....

Big ups to Gordon for the great contest, he did a great job and we hope he'll do it again. And big thanks to the sponsors, Salt Marsh Kayak Co., judges and Paula, our expert tabulator! -- Joey

Heres a few photos and some results

Congrats to Paula

Gordon presents an award to Geoff Kegley
(Congrats to Geoff and his wife Robin who just had a baby boy!)

IC Champ Spencer Cooke won a sweet skate deck

Masters HP
1 Ross Fulcher
2 Den Latham
3 Russ Buskirk

Women HP
1 Paula Rock
2 Kris Whitmore
3 Deb

1 Michael
2 Anthony Bell
3 Geoff Kegley
4 Charles Salters

Master IC
1 Pete Titus
2 Russ Buskirk
3 Ross Fulcher

Men IC
1 Spencer Cooke
2 Anthony Bell
3 Joey Hall
4 Russ Buskirk

Men HP
1 Joey Hall
2 Anthony Bell
3 Spencer Cooke
4 Den Latham


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