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ESKA News: Quick Nationals Results

Quick Nationals Results

Sorry to of not posted this sooner, but I've been without internet until now.

I promise to post a more detailed report soon, but for now I will just say we had waves all weekend, beautiful weather, great competition, and I think everyone had a great time.

There were so many impressive rides and some huge tricks, truly national level competitors, hopefully Spencer will post some video.

Thanks to the National Parks Service, H2O Audio, Fortress, and Shred Ready.
Huge thanks to the great judges and tabulators.

And a special thanks to everyone else who helped out, Charles, Drew, Spencer, Philip, Ross, Paula, and others, (especially on Sunday morning when I was sick with a fever!)

Glad to see Dave the Wave, Fletcher, Buck, and Tree from the West coast, you are all gracious competitors.

And it was nice to see lots of new faces, Will, Erik, Erik, Alexander, the VB crew, and Tom May.....I can't believe this was his first contest.

Heres some results, and be patient, full report and more photos soon. If anyone has photos I can share with our sponsors or on our website, please send them to me.

Joey Hall
ESKA President


Fortress Mens HP/World Cup
National Champion - Dave Johnston
2nd - Fletcher Burton
3rd - Gordon Rock
4th - Anthony Bell

H2O Audio International
National Champion - Spencer Cooke
2nd - Dave J
3rd - Joey Hall
4th - Ross Fulcher

Shred Ready K-1
National Champion - Alan Young
2nd - Spencer Cooke
3rd - Andy Gates
4th - Joey Hall

Shred Ready Waveski
National Champion - Fletcher Burton
2nd - Philip Aschliman
3rd - Alexander Stubbs
4th - Gordon Rock

Fortress Women's HP/World Cup
National Champion - Tree Rogerson

H2O Audio Women's Internationa
National Champion - Tree R
2nd - Paula Rock

Fortress Masters HP
National Champion - Tom May
2nd - Dave Johnston
3rd - Ross Fulcher
4th - Russ Buskirk

H2O Audio Masters IC
National Champion - Dave Johnston
2nd - Pete Titus
3rd - Russ Buskirk
4th - Ross Fulcher

Fortress Junior HP/World Cup
National Champion - Alan Young
2nd - Andy Gates
3rd - Alexander Stubbs

H2O Audio Junior International
National Champion - Alan Young
2nd - Alexander Stubbs
3rd - Andy Gates

Big Trick Champion - Fletcher Burton


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